Is Queensland the best place for solar panels? 

Aptly named the ‘Sunshine State’, it seems like Queensland could be a pretty safe bet as one of the best place places to install solar panels for your home or business.

More sun generally means more solar energy available to produce, so why not consider switching to this alternative energy source?

And the answer is, most definitely! You should definitely get solar power if you live in Queensland either from us, or from our competitors who do manufacture and install adelaide solar panels up in North Queensland.

Why install solar panels in Queensland?

Queensland Solar Systems

More and more people are investing in solar panels in Queensland, for a number of reasons:

  • Queensland has an excellent year round climate with an abundance of sunshine. This means that solar panel systems will have a high upper limit for the amount of power that they are able to produce.
  • Rising energy prices across Australia mean that people are increasingly looking for ways to decrease the amount they pay each year in electricity bills. Whatever your specific needs, it’s likely that you’ll see a reduction in overall energy costs by using solar panels.
  • Installation of solar panels in Queensland is now far cheaper than previously. This is due to a variety of factors however it has been found that other Australian cities are far more costly when it comes to installing solar systems. With lower start up costs, the Return on Investment can be excellent.

Would solar panels work for you?

It’s true that not everybody will reap the most prominent benefits of solar panels. There has been, in recent years, a reduction in the rate, which the state in Queensland will pay to those who export (feed in) power to the grid.

It is therefore generally businesses who use their premises during daylight hours or residential homes that are well occupied at times when the sun is likely to be out who may benefit most.

As we mentioned before, if you’re in Brisbane, we can help you with your installation but if you’re in North Queensland, try Ionics Energy’s Queensland division.

Or if you’re in Adelaide, try the solar energy Adelaide website for more information about solar and how it all works.

Self Consumption: What is it?

By timing power use with solar energy production, consumers can see the most financial benefits from their solar panels in Queensland.

The best way to do this is to gradually increase energy use as the sun rises, then begin to reduce it as the sun goes down. Self Consumption eliminates the need for solar energy storage which can be incredibly expensive.

You will need to consider whether this pattern of energy consumption will work for you so start to monitor your daily usage and at which times of the day you need the most power supply.